I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a number of conferences about game design and development. Here are some of those talks.
The Making of Loose Nozzles

The Legend of Game Devs: The Experience of Time (panel)

Designing Games for New Technology (with Mike Mandel)

Breaking Into Game Development (panel)

What You Must Absolutely Do to Get Into the Games Industry (panel)

Leveling Up Your Kid: Parenting Through Games and Game Design (panel)

Harmonix and the Evolution of Beatmatch Gameplay (group presentation)

Additional Talks

Get in the Van: Storytelling in the Rock Band Series (with Helen McWilliams)

Communication and Collaboration in Game Design (summary article)

Your Music Is the Game: Designing PHASE, the Other Project at Harmonix (slides, audio)

Episodic Content: Here, Now, and Next Month Too (audio)