It feels strange to repost some of the kind things people have said about me, but if you’re interested in what I can do as a game developer, you might find them useful.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done with all these people, and grateful for our time together.

Rob Kay, Lead Designer, VirZoom (LinkedIn)

“I helped hire Chris at Harmonix, and was proud to see him succeed in so many senior roles, and add so much value to the studio.

“His ability to analyze game design problems and creatively formulate solutions is formidable. For example, it was his insight that band mates should be able to rescue each other in the original Rock Band, which became the games central cooperative mechanic. A stunningly valuable design insight, delivered in Chris’s typically warm and unassuming manner.

“His careful mentorship of younger designers also speaks volumes to his nurturing character and natural leadership skills. He makes people around him better game designers and better collaborators.

“A thoughtful professional, with very strong analytical and creative skills, I’d strongly recommend him.”

Sheila Porter, UI/UX/Gameplay Programmer, Harmonix (LinkedIn)

“Chris is kind, brilliant, and contagiously enthusiastic. He was one of the first designers I met at Harmonix and he made me feel so welcome. He always goes looking for design feedback and will excitedly discuss your feedback with you – and those conversations regularly have great results. His docs are clear and well-organized, and he’s great about responding quickly and with a great answer when you’re halfway through implementing something and encounter an edge case his documentation didn’t call out. I really hope we can work together again someday!”

Rick Schmitz, Art Director and Concept Artist, InnoGames (LinkedIn)

“Chris is smart, spectacularly talented and a great deal of fun to be around. He knows games inside and possesses a vast store of great ideas, yet is always ready to listen to what others have to offer. I would jump at the chance to work with Chris again!”

Brian Chan, Senior Game Designer, Sony Interactive Entertainment America (LinkedIn)

“Chris set the standard for thoughtful, empathetic mentorship for me; I’ll be trying to follow his example for years to come.” (via Twitter)

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