Impressions Games

I was one of two people hired to join the president of this UK-based games studio as he opened its US office. I took on nearly every role outside of taking tech support calls, including public relations, marketing and sales support, documentation writing and editing, office management, and quality assurance. Through my QA work I earned my first design and producing roles, and my greatest contributions were to these three games.

Caesar II

caesar2Who I Was: Co-Designer/Producer

What I Did:

  • Collaborated with the game’s sole programmer and the studio’s CEO/designer, helping to refine their city-simulation gameplay with an emphasis on UX improvements.
  • Assisted with game balance and progression.
  • Oversaw project schedule.

High Seas Trader

highseastraderWho I Was: Designer/Producer

What I Did:

  • Designed all aspects of this age-of-sail trading game, while overseeing the project schedule.
  • Worked closely with programmer on implementing key economic and AI algorithms.
  • Provided supplemental art direction to the internal art staff.

Lords of the Realm

lordsoftherealm-3Who I Was: Co-Designer/Producer

What I Did:

  • Provided UX design for the team.
  • Oversaw project schedule.