Foster and Family Games

In 2014 I wanted to test myself by starting a project on my own. My then 5-year old son was inspired by my early experiments in Unity, and brought me a drawing of a helicopter to animate. This led to his idea for a rocket game, which we now are slowly developing for release on tablet and phone.

(His sister wants us to finish so that we can start on HER game.)

Loose Nozzles

Loose Nozzles Logo 600My son and I are working on an action game for tablets that combines the classic gameplay of arcade titles like Lunar Lander with unique destruction mechanics.

I do all the coding, my son does the art and performs all voices and sound effects, and we share the design work.

Development updates will be posted to

Loose Nozzles was accepted into the 2015 and 2017 Boston Festival of Indie Games.

And here is my son being remarkably poised for his first developer interview.